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Government Polytechnic, Osmanabad

शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, उस्मानाबाद

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Alumni Association of Government Polytechnic, Osmanabad.

The Alumni Association of Government Polytechnic Osmanabad was formed in February 2023. It was formally registered with the Charities Commissioner under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. A large number of ALUMNI has been enrolled as a member of the association. The important objectives of the ALUMNI Association as lay down in the memorandum then were as follows:

1. To increase interaction between past and present students.

2. To enhance, modernize and upgrade the existing facilities with the help of ALUMNI.

3. To organize guest lectures, seminars, refresher courses or get- together etc.

4. To bridge the gap between the industry and academics by exchanging professional knowledge, organize technical workshops and training courses.

5. To take an active and abiding interest in the progress, so as to contribute towards the enhancement of the social utility.

6. To create ALUMNI web portal and maintain the database of respective pass out batches.

Alumni Association Registration :

Government Polytechnic Osmanabad is a major technical institute in Marathwada region with outstanding growth in last 32 years.

By this Google form we are collecting Database of our Alumni Students. Basic objective of Alumni Association is to arrange Alumni guest lectures, conducting mock campus drives, scholarships to students, career guidance programs, project internships and Alumni-Students interactions.

Click below to fill Google Form of Alumni Association of GP Osmanabad

Alumni Registration Frorm

Government Polytechnic, Osmanabad.
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